Amazing and memorable!

We stayed about 3 days and our experience was absolutely amazing and memorable! The house is a traditional Japanese house which included a Japanese style bed, paper sliding doors, traditional decor, bath, and architecture. I really loved everything about it because I felt I got a chance to experience what living in a Japanese style house feels like! It was a great way to learn and experience the culture!

by liz

金沢市東茶屋街近く・Art Hotel てまり庵|石川県金沢市橋場町|アートが楽しめる北陸の宿

『ArtHotelてまり庵』は城下町金沢、ひがし茶屋街から徒歩3分の 浅野川を臨む古い日本家屋をリノベーションし、現代アートと共存させた旅館です。 1日1組限定、非接触型貸切り宿です。安心のプライベート空間でゆっくりとお寛ぎください。